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The Fitness Cellar
137 E. Main St. Suite 250
Springfield, Ohio 45502

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Our private exercise studio is conveniently located in downtown Springfield, Ohio. Established in 2003 we located at 137 East Main Street, Suite 250.

Personal Training is becoming more and more popular. Now we make it affordable for everyone. Tired of paying membership fees? Tired of not getting results in the gym? We design programs to fit your individual needs and BUDGET. We have something for the entire family. The largest spinning program in town, a Cafe', and more. And don't forget about our FIRST and ONLY Xrkade right here in Springfield. Book your child's birthday party or just drop your child off to play video games. They don't have to know it's good for them.

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The Fitness Cellar - "It's all about the Attitude and the Atmosphere." We make things happen!

Josh Lloyd, a certified trainer, has joined the Fitness Cellar.

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The Fitness Cellar's Hydration Station

The Fitness Cellar's Hydration Station photo; healthy food and snacks available.Our Fitness Cafe' is open to everyone! We have desinged our menu to offer everyone the opportunity to receive a healthy breakfast, lunch or snack at a reasonable price to meet your needs. Need something in a hurry? Order before or after your workout. Call in orders, or have a seat in our free Wi-Fi Cafe' area. Watch television, talk with friends or sit on our beautiful patio for a relaxing smoothie or latte'. No pressure! We have something for all of you.

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Preparing for An Off-Road Triathlon by Jade Gianakopoulos

Whether you are a seasoned triathlete considering going cross country or training for your first triathlon, you can do it if you start planning and training now. The sport is not as well known as its urban cousin, the classic road triathlon, but a growing number of athletes are choosing cross country triathlons as an exciting and more fun alternative. An off-road triathlon is always an adventurous race that starts with a swim (in an outdoor body of water), continues with a mountain bike ride (on natural trails), and ends with a trail run.

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What can The Fitness Cellar Do for Your Organization?

Organizations can benefit from what The Fitness Cellar offers. We offer:
  • Parties
  • Sleepovers
  • Personal Training
  • Classes
  • Corporate Challenges
  • Outings for schools and companies

Contact Us with your requirements. We'd be happy to develop a package that's just right for you!
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